2-legged puppies make their first steps in 3d printed wheels (videos)

3d printing technology has already found its way in everyday life. We have seen guitars, phone cases, even shoes and coffee cups.

Two legged puppy receives 3d printed wheels

So it’s no surprise that 3d printing has also been used in medical applications. While we’re waiting for the first human organ to be 3d printed, the guys at The Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis and the Ohio University Innovation Center thought they’d help some unlucky 2 legged puppies walk around a little more quickly and efficiently.

The first guy to receive some 3d printed help was Tumbles, who was born without his front legs. Instead of learning him to walk on two legs like a human, they have printed him a custom designed set of wheels. It will take him some time to get used to it but we’re sure he’ll be fine!

What happens when you love your dog too much?

“TurboRoo” receives his turbo kit!

Turbo-Roo’s story begins when he was dropped off by a breeder at a vet’s office. His 2 missing legs didn’t stop him from being super-cute though and the employees there, fell for this little guy immediately.

Turbo-Roo's 3d printed cart

Trying to get used to his new turbo-cart!

They soon started trying to make a cart for the puppy but they didn’t have much luck. That was until Mark Deadrick, the president of 3d printing company 3dyn got involved. His company designed and printed a cart for the Chihuahua, using a pair of skateboard wheels attached it.

The little fellow is getting used to his new mobility device and by time he becomes more and more efficient. Watching him trying to roll around is pure joy and fun!