30 photos of animals enjoying snow more than you do!

polar bear sleeping on snow
While the snow blizzard is still harsh on some cities, people always find chances to go out and enjoy the snow, make a snowman or just engage in a snowball fight!

But it’s not only people who enjoy the snow. Here are 30 photos of animals which probably enjoy snow more than you do:

cute baby leopard playing in snow

I love you snow!

cute baby panda playing with snow

Merilyn who? 🙂

cute baby sheeps playing in snow

cute beagle running in snow

cute bear playing in snow

cute black puppy licking snow


cute cat dressed for snow

cute dog covered in snow

Cute dog covered in snow

cute dog enjoys snow

What IS this thing?!

cute dog lying in snow

cute dog smiling in snow

Ye he heee 🙂

cute doggie dressed for snow

cute elephant eating snow

cute giraffe playing in snow

cute giraffes eating snowflakes

cute hedgehog in front of snowman

cute horse playing with snow

cute kitten sees snow

cute monkey eating snowflakes

cute monkey playing with snow

cute piggie enjoys snow

cute polar bear enjoying snow

Cute polar bear playing in snow

cute rabbit enjoys snow

cute sheep smiling in snow

cute squirrel playing with snow

tiger enjoying snow

Dog face in snow

Jealous of all the fun they have? Here are 20 snow activities for you and your children.

As always, dress well and be safe! 🙂