Lucky piggy, gets a chance in life! (video)

Caring college student saved this little piggy from the butcher!

Lexi, an extremely lucky piggy, was having a life like million other piglets. She was born in a New Jersey farm that raises animals for their meat. Matthew, being a college student, happened to work at this farm during his culinary studies and was taught about animal rearing and slaughter.

Lexi the piggy is saved, gets a chance in life

Lexi, happy in a safe hug!

Being a sensitive and caring guy, Matthew was very upset that he had to kill animals he was looking after and leanred to care for. Soon after his experience at the farm, Matthew decided to quit his culinary studies and become vegetarian!

But that’s not the end of the story. When he learnt that the farmer was about to sell a litter of piglets, he managed to talk him into giving him a female, little piggy, Alexis (Lexi)!

Lexi now lives in the Animal Treatment Center in New York and has all the care she needs.

Lexi loves the company of dogs!

Lexi loves the company of dogs!

Frequent sessions outside to play, run and get exercised. The kind of life she is living has nothing to do with the conditions at the farm and she is so lucky for that! What come out of this, is pure happiness and she has stolen the heart of all the people that take care of her.

She’s so cute! The most certain thing is that there’s no shortage of people that volunteer to pig-sit her!

Check out the video and witness it yourself!

If you want to make a one-time donation for Lexi, you can do so here

Did you know? Pigs are VERY smart creatures!

Pigs that live a normal life (that is not in the confined surroundings of a farm but in their natural environment) are very social, playful and protective creatures that like to relax in the sun, make friendships and bonds, cool themselves in the mud and make nests. You would be astonished to know that pigs are capable of dreaming, respond to their names, can learn tricks and little games, and live social lives. They have shown behaviour previously only observed in higher rated primates. and enjoy music, playing with their toys and relax with a good massage!

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