Quasimodo is real and looking for love!

Quasimodo cute dog
It looks like a bad photoshop joke but it’s not. Quasimodo is very real and he’s looking for love!

An abandoned dog with a rare genetic defect (short spine syndrome), this cute dog has a very odd appearance which didn’t seem to benefit him a lot.

Quasimodo dog xray

Quasimodo cute dog

Quasimodo was found wandering in the streets of Minnesota, wearing a collar so small that was hurting his skin (a sign that showed he was abandoned a long time ago).

Cute Quasimodo dog

Even though he has a very unusual look and one might think Quasimodo is suffering, the people who take care of him argue that this syndrome doesn’t affect the quality of his life much, even though some surgeries will be needed to improve his condition.

Quasimodo’s case is very rare, only 13 dogs in the world have the same kind of genetic disorder and they all do well.

Quasimodo dog hugged by a girl

People who take care of him have created a facebook page, trying to find a loving family who will adopt him.

We hope he finds a home soon!