Watch this sloth wait patiently to get rescued by the Police!

Sloth rescued by police

A cute story of a sloth who was rescued by the police emerged in Ecuador and it’s making the rounds on the internet since yesterday. This sloth must have been lost after wandering away from home but he didn’t lose his temper! He was found gripping a barrier pole just by the highway, waiting patiently for the police to rescue him!

Sloth rescue in Ecuador

The cute animal was found waiting, wearing the characteristic smile that sloths are known for. His trustfulness in human kind is touching, to say the least!

Police rescues sloth

The Police officers have released this series of photos on facebook that document the rescue.

Sloth rescue on highway

It was certainly a smart move from this sloth, as his (lack of) speed could have been fatal if he tried to cross the road!

Enjoy this lovely creature, it’s the cutest thing we have seen today!