Tiny rescue puppy dances through her recovery (video)

Minnie was one of the tiniest and cutest puppies ever and a true survivor! She saw the cruel face of the world very early in her life but luckily was found and taken to Save a Greek Stray Shelter. She suffered from mange and avitaminosis due to malnourishment.

She had a long recovery but Minnie never lost hope. She “danced” her way through her entire recovery. Despite the difficult times she had, Minnie was – and remains – a very happy puppy.

Falling in love with her is what will probably happen to you when you see her. Every time she was taken her out of her kennel she would bounce around full of happiness and excitement. From her first days she loved playing with her toys and still does. Today she is about seven months old and still waiting patiently at the shelter. She’s waiting for a chance to prove to a family that she can be an amazing pet that will make their life happier – or at least make them smile – every single day.

Minnie puppy dances through her recovery

Minnie as she dances through her recovery!

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There are many thousands of puppies just like Minnie who never get a chance. If you want to help this difficult situation, you may want to consider adopting a stray, rescued puppy, like Minnie. Or you could help organizations like Save a Greek Stray, do their best and save these precious, little lives from the streets.

You can visit their blog for more cute stories like this one 🙂

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