Snowzilla – Watch these animals go crazy with the snow!

Snowzilla has hit the US hard but these adorable animals (horses, dogs, deers etc.) don’t look like they are bothered much and just seem to enjoy playing in the snow!

A video posted by Ken Cresswell (@polodude) on

A video posted by Ken Cresswell (@polodude) on

And then there’s Tian Tian, the panda from National Zoological Park of Washington, that became viral by playing in the snow…

These deers don’t seem to care much for the blizzard either. See them here, as they take a healthy walk in Cleveland Park DC, Washington!

Or this beautiful dog’s first snow…

This one got out to play well prepared!

A photo posted by Laura Schmitt (@lauranicole44) on

Enjoy the snow and don’t forget to dress well and stay safe!