Why dogs stick their heads out of car windows? (photos)

cute dog with goggles in car

Every dog owner knows that dogs love to stick their heads out of car windows and “travel” with their tongues out! And if you ‘re not a dog owner you certainly have come across this image at some point.

funny bulldog out of car window

Many people believe dogs do this just for fun, that it’s their way to “enjoy” the ride.

But researchers at the University of Puget Sound believe otherwise. According to them dogs have developed this habit as it lets them collect much more information about the surroundings and even the route, than by staying in the car.

funny cute dog out of car window

Even when the window is not fully open, dogs will still try to stick their noses out to collect those information.

Dog sticks head out of car

In any case, the researchers tell us to be careful and to keep windows only half open to minimize the danger of our dog jumping out or get hurt by rubble.

cute puppy in car

cute dog sticks head out of car

dog loves sticking head out of car window

Dog Sticking Head Out Car Window

dog with glasses sticking head out of car window