32 Baby disasters every future parent must see!

cute baby kisses pig

Baby disasters, what a topic! When you become a parent, you are never ready for all the adventure that comes into your life. Every parent knows that.

These photos are the perfect proof of the saying that sometimes “Whatever can go wrong, usually does”!

Take a look yourself as these toddlers demonstrate exceptional creativity and cuteness. We’re just happy they are not our toddlers!

cute baby kisses pig

Look mum… no hair!

cute babies disaster

cute funny kid disaster

I swear! The drawer attacked me!

cute little girl stuck in toilet

Honey, I told you to feed the toilet! Now it ate our baby!

cute toddler in toilet

They were old issues anyway…

kid cute prank in supermarket

Can you tell that I ‘m an Ice Age fan?

kid cute prank in supermarket

Only love… and peanut butter!

little kid mess

cute baby mess

cute babies mess

cute kid

And that’s how tornadoes start!

little boy mess with crayons

We are looking at the next Dali!

little girl in aquarium

The next Cousteau!

cute children home mess

young girl climbing on fridge

The next Tom Cruise!

two cute mummys

child supermarket mess

Is this what we call “Drag Racing”?

oops children destroys tv

Ohhh, where will I watch my cartoons now?

toddler covered in sanitary towels

Super-hero costumes… pffff

baby and dog mess

two babies marker mess

Oops, I missed a spot here!

cute baby eats dogs food

What have you been feeding me all this time? This is yammie!

toilet paper home fun

Don’t look at me… the kid did it!

kid makes a mess in the car

cute baby playing with eggs

TV said eggs have a lot of protein 🙂

toddler mall mess

little girl licking orange juice

Taking my daily dose of vitamin C..

little boy and dog mess

cute young boy paints dog

Kid gets creative and the dog seems to enoy it… Win-Win!

kid and cats eat together

babies make a mess at home

We hope we didn’t make you change your mind about having kids after that!