15 surprising facts about Mickey Mouse | Mickey Mouse Day

November 18 today and it’s our beloved cartoon character’s “Mickey Mouse” birthday!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Mickey Mouse,
Happy birthday to you!

Here are 15 surprising details and facts from Mickey’s journey through 87 years of cuteness:

1. Mickey Mouse was originally voiced by Walt Disney himself.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney, was quite proud for that and he kept giving voice to the famous mouse until 1946 when Disney musician and actor Jimmy MacDonald took over.

2. Mickey’s estimated height is about 2ft. 3 inches (68.5cm) and he weighs around 23 pounds (10.5kg)

Mickey's dimensions

How big is Mickey Mouse?

3. If it wasn’t for a disagreement with Universal Studio’s, Disney’s mascot wouldn’t be Mickey Mouse but Oswald the Rabbit!

Oswald the rabbit

Oswald was the star in the early days but due to a conflict with Universal Studios, Disney decided to make their own character, Mickey, instead.

4. Mickey and Minnie might not be officially married but their “voices” are!

Mickey and Minnie's voices, married

The actors who voiced Mickey and Minnie from 1991 till 2009 were actually married!

5. Intelligence Officers in World War II actually used “Mickey Mouse” as a password among them.

Mickey Mouse was used as a password in World War II

6. Mickey Mouse got his own entry in Encyclopaedia Brittanica in 1934.

Mickey Mouse in Britannica

Mickey Mouse in Britannica.

7. Mickey’s name initially was “Mortimer”.

Mortimer Mouse

Walt Disney’s wife, Lily, insisted on changing it to “Mickey” because she thought it was a better choice. Disney finally used Mortimer to develop another character that was Mickey’s rival.

8. Mickey wears white gloves so viewers can distinguish his hands when they are against his body.

Why does Mickey Mouse wear gloves?

Why does Mickey Mouse wear gloves?

The same of course is true for all Disney characters.

9. Walt Disney has revealed that Mickey and Minnie are actually married in “private life”.

10. What are Mickie’s favourite sayings? “Aw, gee”, “That sure is swell!”, “Gosh!”, “Oh, boy!” and “See ya soon…”

See ya soon!

11. Throughout his career, Mickey has used 175 different outfits!

Mickey Mouse outfits

12. Artists working on Mickey Mouse movements in the early days, drew inspiration from popular stars of their age like Charlie Chaplin.

Mickey Mouse and Charlie Chaplin

14. The first words ever that came out of Mickey’s mouth were: “Hot dogs!”

Mickey Mouse: "Hot Dogs!"

15. Mickey’s ears are always round, no matter how he turns his head!