January 22 – Daily dose of cuteness

After yesterday’s National Hugging Day and the Squirrel Appreciation Day, we are back with our daily dose of cuteness.

Did you know that by taking a daily dose of “Awwww” moments, you reduce the risk of heart attack? 🙂






baby monkey hanging from mother

baby mutant ninja turtle

baby pigmy monkey

big belly polar beard yawn

cat escort in toilet

cat interested in ipad

cat sitting on face

cat with a six pack

cute baby puppys

cute cat cartoon

cute cat kissing dolphin

cute cat paws

cute doggie in scale

cute lemur

cute monkey laughing

cute petite baby monkey

cute piggy smiling in blanket

cute piggy smiling in blanket

Miniature donkey

monkey eating leaf

Newborn fennec fox

white cats sleeping together