100 Funny New Year wishes

New year’s eve is approaching fast. In a few days, the new year will be here. What better way to send a funny wish full of puns and be witty and original?

What? You ‘re out of inspiration? Worry not!

Here are 100 funny ways to wish a Happy New Year to someone you care about and draw a smile on their face!


1 However you decide to celebrate the new year, don’t Trump it away with the politics of the season.

2 ♥ I know this year’s been ruff, but that’s no reason not to tweet in joy! Happy new year.

3 ♥ Our puns have been cheesy this year. Let’s hope the cheese is better next year.

4 ♥ I know it’s Nutella my business, but I hope we can taco-bout it soon: what’s your new year’s goal? Happy new year.

5 ♥ Don’t cut the cheese! It’s not new year’s yet. 🙂

6 ♥ I hope your new year is pun-derful.

7 ♥ I hope you’re Darin to go there. Happy new year.

8 ♥ Here’s a new Brandon the new year.

9 ♥ My new year is a lemon. How’s yours?

10 ♥ What time do I go to bed during the new year? Tooth-hurty. Enjoy the new year.

I hope your new year is pun-derful!

11 ♥ I give you a group hug sandwich. Eat it and enjoy the love in the new year.

12 ♥ I’m Nutell-ing you how to spend your new year – just enjoy it.

13 ♥ Don’t be cheep if you want to enjoy the year – go for it.

14 ♥ Enjoy the enchilada of food in the new year.

15 ♥ Orange you glad it’s not 2015 anymore?

16 ♥ I may not be wicked, but I sure hope a house drops on the new year.

17 ♥ Wort-ch yourself this new year – I hear there’s going to be an uptick in acne.

18 ♥ How punny of me, I got you a pun for New Year’s.

19 ♥ I hope the plastic (water) guns and roses help you this year.

20 ♥ Congratulations! We’ve survived Llamageddon.

21 ♥ Oh no – the Alpacalypse is coming! This year’s going to be a drag.

22 ♥ Don’t slap your neon yet. I haven’t said anything funny.

23 ♥ A toad car is one less problem you need for the new year – I hope it doesn’t happen to you.

24 ♥ Having loads of fun at the dryer this year…how about you?

25 ♥ I have one thing to say to you: if you’re going to be in the clouds this year, don’t forget the thunderwear.

26 ♥ I have aspirin if you get Thor this year.

27 ♥ I hope you don’t find yourself under a rest this year for even a quarter.

28 ♥ If you crush the grape, call me so we can enjoy the wine tears.

29 ♥ Donut change this year – just be yourself.

30 ♥ Don’t get stoned! I like you single.

I’m Nutell-ing you how to spend your new year – just enjoy it .

31 ♥ Go stand in the corner if you get cold this year – they’re 90 degrees.

32 ♥ I’ll give you a check, mate. I expect you not to be a sore loser this year.

33 ♥ Relationships have too friction my tectonic friend. Stay grounded.

34 ♥ I’m not yolking! I hope you have a happy new year.

35 ♥ I wish you have an amaizing year.

36 ♥ A new year can be hawkward, but I know you’ll get through it.

37 ♥ We cod do better this year. I’m not even kidding; we can tuna round our attitude.

38 ♥ If you’ve muffin much to do, I’m wishing you a happy new year’s.

39 ♥ If it hertz a lot, don’t say watt. Just enjoy the new year.

40 ♥ Jules are always good – especially in a new year. I hope you enjoy the free ones.

41 ♥ Forgive my periodic table puns – they’re part of the side effects of my laughing gas (He He He). I hope you enjoy the new year’s.

42 ♥ I know it may feel like I don’t carrot at all, but I honestly do. Have a good year.

43 ♥ I won’t leave you ice-solated this year, but honeydew I really have to wish you a happy new year?

44 ♥ Enjoy this Cumberbatch of cookies – I baked them for the new year.

45 ♥ If you thought this card would be funny, I’m a frayed knot. XD Happy New Year.

46 ♥ Pun intended, I have to keep my ion you this year.

47 ♥ I hope I don’t give you the crepes this year, but here’s to the fun we’ve already had.

48 ♥ There’s myrrh to the story of our friendship this year.

49 ♥ If you mustache me a question, I ask you to shave it for after the new year’s festivities are over.

50 ♥ Did you know the broom swept the nation away? We’ve got little left. Happy new year.


Deep breath! Here are the rest 50 funny New Year wishes!


51 ♥ From my head tomatoes, I wish you a new year full of joy!

52 ♥ Let’s be less NErDy this year. Say, periodically? I hope you enjoy the year!

53 ♥ I’m not an impasta! I’m simply wishing you a happy new year, my friend.

54 ♥ Bird puns are so emusing, aren’t they? I hope you enjoy the new year.

55 ♥ I hope your new year isn’t ruff.

56 ♥ If you’re going out this year, alpaca bag. Enjoy the trip!

57 ♥ If you feel grate, I hope you enjoy the new year.

58 ♥ I find this new year appealing for us potatoes.

59 ♥ I swear I didn’t pick this card on porpoise. I just want to wish you a happy new year.

60 ♥ My friend was arrested for a salt with a deadly weapon. I hope your new year starts better.

61 ♥ I hope you enjoy the Thoreo and Lokit-Kats attached this year.

62 ♥ Call I X I I! I’ve started my pun fever again. Happy new year.

63 ♥ Beware of my cousin Atom this year – he makes everything up. I hope you have a good year.

64 ♥ You say I have bad puns this year? Wait until I barium and find worse ones. Happy new year.

65 ♥ I don’t want to taco ‘bout it, but that night I lost control… I hope you have a better year!

Too funny? – Check out these New Year wishes suitable for anyone on your list, instead!


66 ♥ If you have a vel-crow this year, be weary. They could be the peak of your year.

67 ♥ Go to the apex – it’ll be the peak of your year.

68 ♥ Lettuce know if your year is good!

69 ♥ I hope you find your new year humerus.

70 ♥ I knead to know – did your buns come out well this year? I hope they’re better next year if not.

71 ♥ Oh look at the thyme – it’s 2016!

72 ♥ If you want to live in a castle this year, look out for knight mares. I’m Sirius.

73 ♥ Hashtag is a new game, have you heard? It’s going to be fun.

74 ♥ We really need to ketchup this year.

75 ♥ Spoiler alert! You need more milk. Enjoy the new year.

76 ♥ If you cantaloupe, I won’t be grape.

77 ♥ Loki up in the new year – I’ll be looking forward to it.

78 ♥ Don’t take just one Tudor this year. Enjoy them all.

79 ♥ I didn’t understand why the colors were getting smaller…then it exploded. Happy new year.

80 ♥ Feeling cheesy? Grate! Happy new year.

81 ♥ This year, I’m telling you I’m fondue you. Happy new year.

82 ♥ Let the past brie – it’s a new year.

83 ♥ I’m forever provolone – I hope your year is better.

84 ♥ I’m sorry to puma pants, but I wanted to wish you a happy new year.

85 ♥ In queso I don’t make it, I wish you a happy new year.

86 ♥ I would be lion if I didn’t say I hope you have a good year!

87 ♥ Cello! Stopping by to say happy new year.

88 ♥ Stop causing so much treble – it’s a new year.

89 ♥ If you hear music when you print, the paper’s jammin’. Happy new year.

90 ♥ My puns are never flat – I’m a natural! Have a good new year.

91 ♥ I hope you win the No-Bell prize this year.

92 ♥ I’m a natural, and you’re sharp for noticing. Don’t b-flat this year.

93 ♥ I’m not a lyre when I say have a happy new year’s.

94 ♥ I’m happy you’re not A minor anymore – I hate double time. Happy new year.

95 ♥ I can’t bear it: have a happy new year!

96 ♥ If you want the high Cs, go sailing. Happy new year.

97 ♥ I know it’s nacho problem, but I hope you have a happy new year.

98 ♥ Pun intended, this card is the bomb. Happy new year.

99 ♥ There’s a leek in my boat! Have a good year.

100 ♥ It doesn’t reindeer, but it does rain cats and dogs. Have a happy new year.