New Year wishes for everyone on your list

The clock is ticking down to January 1, 2016 and new year wishes is high in everyone’s list. We love New Year’s Day. It’s one of our favorite holidays, because it’s among the few that we observe not with gifts or extravagant celebrations, but with simple wishes for good things in the coming year. People around the world celebrate the new year as an opportunity to reboot their careers, health regimens, or relationships. It’s the time to make resolutions aimed at improving something about ourselves, like planning to lose 20 pounds, to get a raise or promotion, or finally to finish the Great American Novel. Perhaps you celebrate with a raucous New Year’s Eve party with hats, horns and confetti. Maybe you’re more the New Year’s Day brunch with friends type. Either way, this holiday is based on a spirit of optimism, and it’s made for fun.

New Year wishes ideas

If you want to start the year off right, why not send new year wishes to folks you won’t see over the holiday? Then again, the people most important to you — the ones you see every day — deserve special holiday wishes, too.

Don’t worry that you don’t know exactly what to say.
Here are some cute ideas for special New Year wishes for all the people in your life:

I’d be all wet if I didn’t wish you a Happy New Year!

♥ Brace yourself for a fantastic year!

♥ All the best for the new year from the folks who make you look good all year long.

♥ On New Year’s Eve, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. And if you do, don’t get caught!


Looking for some New Year wishes ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend?

My resolution for the new year is to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

♥ You and me, that’s how it’s meant to be; I promise I’ll be here, year after year!

♥ Our life together is even better than I’d imagined. So glad I get to spend another year with you.

 You know what is on the top of my resolutions list for the new year? You!

 I’d like to kiss you at midnight … and again at 12:05 and 1:15 and 2:25 and …


Did you mess up during the previous year? Send these cute new year wishes and start over!

♥ Yesterday is water under the bridge. Let’s start over for 2016.

 I have noisemakers, party hats and chilled champagne. All I’m missing is you. Let’s pretend last year never happened and start over.


♥ Don’t get any ideas this New Year’s Eve … I’m a woman of action!

♥ Guess what day it is? New Year’s Day! What were you expecting, a camel?

♥ You otter have a great new year!

♥ You’re nuts if you think I’d let the new year start without sending best wishes for 2016.


Families are forever! Looking for wishes ideas for mom and dad? 

♥ Mom, I resolve to love you more every single year. Wishing you the happiest New Year.

♥ Dad, I may not put on a big display, but as another year begins I hope you know how much I love you.


♥ When the clock strikes 12, there’s no one I’d rather be celebrating with than you!

♥ There’s no one I’d rather kiss at midnight. Pucker up!

♥ May the new year bring you everything your heart desires.

♥ Cheers! Let’s toast to making this the best year ever.

♥ Let’s start the new year on the right foot … off our feet is good, too!

♥ May only the best things happen for you and yours in the new year.


Do you want to combine a New Year wish with wedding wishes or birthday wishes? We got you covered!

♥ Congratulations on your New Year’s wedding. That’s one way to make sure you’ll remember your anniversary.

♥ Look: The whole world is celebrating just for you! Happy New Year’s birthday.

♥ Congratulations on your New Year’s baby. What a wonderful way to start the year!

 The world just got a little brighter. Congratulations on your New Year’s baby!

 Congratulations to both of you on your New Year’s engagement. That’s one way to RING in the New Year!

 They say winter white is very “in” this year! Congratulations on your New Year’s wedding.


Or maybe a holiday wish for those who plan to get drunk with their buddies!

♥ Hope your New Year’s celebration is one to remember for years to come. That is if you can remember it the next morning!

 Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind… and days of auld lang syne! Yeah, I never understood it either. Maybe it’ll make sense after another glass of champagne.


♥ Every year is the best year as long as we’re together. Here’s to a lifetime of New Years to celebrate!

♥ I just thought of the purr-fect way to celebrate the new year. What do you say me and you get a little frisky?

♥ C’mon, I got all dressed up just for you. Please come celebrate the new year with me!

♥ We don’t need fancy outfits or crystal glasses of champagne to ring in the New Year. I’d be happy in my bathrobe and sipping from a paper cup, as long as we’re together.

♥ Know what I wish? I wish the hope and optimism of the New Year lives on in our hearts all year through and that all your New Year’s dreams come true.

♥ As one year ends and the new year begins, we wish for you the comfort of a loving home, the joy of a loving family and the peace of loving hearts.

♥ At the New Year, we think of old friends and we’re grateful for all the beautiful memories we share and the new memories we will make. We’re so lucky to have friends like you.

♥ On your first New Year together, may you renew the magical feelings that brought you together and relive all the joys that keep you together.

♥ At the New Year, I hope you never lose your sense of wonder. It’s one of the most wonderful things about you!

However you plan to celebrate, we wish you happy messaging and new year full of joy!