From bedroom to forest treehouse in 12 photos!

Amazing treehouse before-after

Kids usually spend most of their childhood in their private spaces, their bedrooms. We are all familiar with what the decoration of a child’s bedroom looks like… colorful furniture, teddy bears, dolls, posters.

Room transformed into a treehouse

Her regular bedroom looked like this…

But why should one limit his imagination when we re talking about a kids “hideout”? What could be achieved if we let it run wild (and put some DIY effort too, of course 🙂 )

This father gives us the answer…

Enjoy this cute little girl’s regular bedroom transformation into a fairy’s dream treehouse! It only takes 12 photos. And a lot of hard work’s hours form the dad’s part! Enjoy.

Incredible father makes treehouse for his daughter

He began by sketching his idea and building a small scale model…

Cute treehouse bedroom

He spent 18 months (or 350 hours) to bring his idea to life.

This father totally transformed his daughter’s everyday life into a fairytale!

Amazing father builds a treehouse for his daughter

Posing happy in front of her future treehouse!

Father transformed bedroom into treehouse

A special mixture of cement and 225 hours later the basic structure is ready!

Amazing treehouse

The father used to paint miniatures as a teenager. He used the same technique to paint the tree.

Bedroom turned into fairy forest hideout

Amazing result! She looks so happy in there…

Father builds a treehouse for his daughter

The details in the lighting are amazing…

This father made his daughter’s dream come true!

Cute fairy treehouse

Meticulous attention to detail in this DIY project!

From bedroom to treehouse DIY project

The build is so strong it can support 3 adults!

Daughters bedroom turned into a treehouse

We think he is rightfully nominated for the “Dad of The Year” award! Don’t you agree?