Amazing police officer restores our faith in humanity!

A Los Lunas police officer named Mark Gurule approaches a homeless man in the area of Highway 47 and Main Street in order to check on him after he had reportedly been seen sleeping with no shoes or socks on.

Approaching the homeless man

Approaching the homeless man.

The officer noticed that his socks were drying next to him and that his shows had holes. Without hesitation, Mark went to a nearby Big 5 Sporting Goods store and bought a pair of shoes and socks for the poor homeless man. The man seemed baffled at first but he gladly accepted the officer’s kind gesture.

Getting the box.

The moment the police officer gave the homeless man the box.

The officer said later:

“The biggest reward for me was seeing the guy putting on the socks and shoes and giving me a thumbs up with a big smile on his face”.

He looks happy and surprised. Thumbs up!

He looks happy and surprised. Thumbs up!

The whole incident was recorder on the officer’s lapel camera.

Trust in humanity? Restored. God bless you officer!