10 Amazing facts about pigs – Happy Pig Day!

Mickey Mouse Pig - Happy Pig Day

You might have read that pigs are probably among the top 3 smartest mammals and we should be treating them with much more care and respect. For this reason, in 1972, March 1st was set as the Pig Day, a day to raise awareness of the intellectual prowess of this special animal. Not to mention anything about how cute pigs really are!

Here are 10 amazing pink, oinky facts that will make you think twice next time you fire up your grill!

1. Mother pigs sing to their newborn piglets while nursing them!

Mickey Mouse Pig - Happy Pig Day

2. Pigs are smarter than you think!

Baby diva pig - Happy pig day
They are smarter than dogs and almost as smart as 3 year old human children!

3. Pigs don’t “eat like pigs”!

Barbie pig - Happy pig day
They savor their food and chew it quite slowly.

4. Pigs don’t “sweat like pigs”!

A cowboy pig kiss - Happy pig day
Actually they are unable to sweat at all, that’s why they take water or mud baths to keep cool. In fact, if given a choice, they prefer water to mud!

5. Pigs are very clean animals!

Two teacup micro pigs - Happy pig day
They keep their toilet spot away from their sleeping area. Even newborns will leave the nest to go to the toilet!

6. They are important for the ecosystem.

Pig in swimming suite - Happy pig day
By spreading seeds and disturbing the soil, pigs help plants colonize.

7. Pigs prefer to sleep nose to nose and dream just like you do!

Baby pig kiss - Happy pig day

8. The population of pigs is over 1 billion worldwide!

Three little pigs - Happy pig day

9. Pigs enjoy sunbathing, playing soccer and getting a massage!

Tiny pigs sunbathing - Happy pig day

10. Pig is the last of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac.

Tiny pigs sunbathing - Happy pig day
They represent happiness, honesty, fortune and virility!

(Some images from The Cutest Paw)