15 photos of animals that need to go on a diet! – Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Did you think that only humans are fretting over their weight you should think again. Animals can get fat too and although an overweight cat may look funny and cute, we guess it’s not very good for its health!

October 12th is Pet Obesity Awareness Day and it aims at just that, to make us stop and think if our pets need to lose some weight.

Usually, photos of fat animals in the wild are photoshopped, so do not always believe what you see. The following photos though are legit, so let’s take a look at 15 animals that need to start a Weight Watchers membership now!

1. The real world Garfield

Real world fat Garfield


2. The “Oh yeah I enjoy my grass” pony

Cute fat pony


3. I eat 2 hot dogs for breakfast. Real dogs.

Oh yeah I ate the dog


4. I ‘m not fat. I’m fluffy.

Fat racoon

❤️ Why dogs stick their heads out of car windows?

5. I think these pants don’t complement my abs enough.

I think these pants don't complement my abs enough