These are the most unusual & cute hugs you ‘ve ever seen – Hugging Day

Few things in life feel better than a comforting hug! The 21st of January is Hugging Day  and it’s an excellent opportunity to show our love by hugging each other. Here are some of the most unusual, cute and even weird photos of hugs you ‘ve ever seen!



The Hug


Two young arctic wolves hugging


Hug me

The Hug. Tiger and man. O Abraço. Tigre e homem


Hugs and kisses


hugging & kissing carrots

Hugging Monkeys

"Hugging trees" Chemainus, Vancouver Island

Cat hugging dog


the hug


"We All Need A Good Hug Sometimes"


cute monkeys hugging

cute Lions hugging

Remeber, hugs are free and feel so nice!

Happy Hugging Day!