Star Wars easter egg: Google’s hidden, cute idea!

Take a look at Google’s newest idea for a Star Wars easter egg!

Google's Star Wars easter egg!

Google’s Star Wars easter egg!

Last week Google and Disney rolled out a promotional site about the upcoming”Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie. It presented you with the opportunity to choose the Light or the Dark side. Now, the guys from Mountain View have another, cute idea about a Star Wars easter egg:

Google's new cute idea

Google’s new logo.

In this, new easter egg, if you want to see Google’s search result page appear in perfect opening titles Star Wars style (yellow text in perspective and all), just type the emblematic phrase: “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” (without the quotes).

The astonishing fact, is that the results that appear on the screen, are perfectly interactive. They work exactly as they would in a normal Google search. They are even scrollable and there’ are also buttons on the right top corner of the search results, to stop the scrolling or stop the whole Star Wars easter egg altogether!

Google tweeted a covert hit/riddle regarding this Star Wars easter egg, which hinted its readers to “Search the beginning”. The meaning of the tweet was then “decrypted” by Wired magazine which then posted the results for the whole world to enjoy!

it’s so cute to see Google putting so much love, effort and artistry into this.

Here is a video of how the easter egg works (in Safari browser on a Mac):

With the opening date for Lucasfilm’s new anticipated movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” just around the corner, do you believe that we will see more promotional stunts like this? We would say that if they ‘re as thoughtful and well executed as this one, we ‘d certainly love to see more!

“Bring them on, Google!”