Back to the Future day – Pets dressed like movie stars

Happy Back to the Future Day, everyone! As we all know, today is the day Marty McFly and Doc Emmett Brown travelled to in the movie Back to the Future II in 1989. To celebrate this date, apart from jumping on our hover boards and going for a ride, let’s see some beloved pets in Halloween costumes, dressed up like movie stars… after all Halloween is just around the corner!

Zip up your auto-drying jackets, pockets inside out and jump into the DeLorean 🙂

Wuff into the Future

Great Scott! Is this a dog in a DeLorean?

Freddy Krueger

One two, Freddy’s coming for you

Harry Potter costume

Hocus Pocus! French Bulldog in Harry Potter costume. (via dailyfrenchie.tumblr.com)

Marilyn Monroe dog costume

Bulldog Monroe – The seven year itch! (via img.costumecraze.com)

Dog Batman Dog in Batman Halloween costume

Where’s Robin, WuffMan?

Dog in Batman costume

Watch out, you have some competition.

Dog in Beetlejuice Halloween costume

Beetle, beetle… Beetlejuice!

Dog in Superman Halloween costume

Up, up and awaaaaay!


Dog in Superman Halloween costume

Am I a bird? Am I a plane?

Dog in Sherlock Holmes Halloween costume

Doglock Holmes.

Dog in Spiderman Halloween costume

Hey Spidey!

I am Shrek!

I am Shrek!

Dog in Harry Potter Halloween costume.

Hocus pocus!

Dog dressed in Darth Vader Halloween costume

Who’s your daddy?

Dog in Star Wars Halloween costume

Star Wars.

Dog in Ghostbusters Halloween costume.

Who you gonna call?